2019 and beyond!

by Johnny Clayton on Thursday, 15 November 2018

Sophie Eastwood, YEP Global Director and MD of Holistic

As the winter draws in and we start to look to 2019 and beyond, we find ourselves debating what Brexit will bring, deal or no deal.

So, we thought it would be useful to share some of the larger conferences next year where YEP will have a presence, where you can hear from industry leaders, besides the YEP events themselves of course, and where you can stay abreast of market sentiment and what the future may bring.

March brings MIPIM (www.mipim.com), the biggest international property conference – 12-15 March, 24,000 property professionals, 100 countries and, over 360 speakers. The 2019 event theme is Engaging the Future, very fitting for our membership! It will envision the next 30 years under the lens of ‘durability’: an enabler for economic growth, sustainable performance and community cohesion. 30 years from now, we’ll be in positions of leadership or influence so we should be part of this debate now.

Come the summer, come the London Real Estate Forum (www.lref.co.uk).  Taking place on 12-13 June, with over 2,500 delegates, it will provide a good dipstick of how the market is feeling from a developer and investor perspective, in the capital and beyond.

The British Property Federation (BPF) Annual Conference (www.bpf.org.uk), also in June, focused this year on building resilience and no doubt next year’s event will also consider a post-Brexit future.

The BPF hosts other conferences throughout the year focused on particular areas of the market, as does the RICS (www.rics.org.uk), EG (www.egi.co.uk) and property Week (www.propertyweek.com) – more on their websites.

Looking further forward to 2020, the SIOR International European Conference (www.sioreurope.com/Dublin), which occurs every two years, will take place in Dublin from 15-18 July. SIOR is the Society for Industrial and Office Realtors and has a growing European membership. It is particularly seeking to attract younger members, with the UK a key growth area. What’s different about SIOR is that its primary focus is on sharing business opportunities as well as the benefits of networking; and its conference speakers are at the top of their game.

As we attend these various conferences, let’s keep sharing and debating what we learn when we regroup at YEP events – we are the future and have an opportunity to help shape it – so we should!

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