Commercial buildings: time for climate change

by Johnny Clayton on Friday, 29 October 2021

By Sophie Eastwood, Director of YEP Global and MD of Holistic/Holistic Insight

This Sunday marks the start of COP26, a summit that brings together leaders and protagonists from across the world in the Race to Net Zero. We all know that the built environment is responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions and significant investment is needed to decarbonise our commercial buildings while also making them resilient.

 We cannot afford to wait to act if we are to ensure a sustainable future. Climate change mitigation is no longer optional. And it is thanks in large part to the younger generation that we all have greater awareness about the issue. Campaigns, initiatives, marches, protests and social media have all spread the word and spurred people to action.

 The young people in the real estate profession have also had their say. Earlier this year, YEP Global undertook a survey of our membership to understand not just how they got into the property profession but also why. Almost 20% cited that their key driver was to make a positive difference to society, make change happen and help green the industry.

 We too need to act and drive change in our sector. Next week, friend of YEP Global, SIOR Europe will publish two Members’ View notes, sharing their insights and stories that show how climate change mitigation and ESG are driving value in real estate, socially and commercially. We’ll be posting a guest blog by the President of the European Chapter about what can be done by changing our mindset too. Watch this space.

We’re encouraged by the change we’re already seeing and look forward to playing our part, helping our members to have a voice on the issues that matter and bring the benefit of their passion and impetus to accelerate change.


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