by Vanessa Lancaster on Monday, 10 August 2020

Nick Bramley – In-Room or On-Zoom, Is Networking All It’s Cracked Up To Be & Is It For Me?

An interactive and informative webinar to help you understand the importance of networking and help enhance your networking skills.

Networking has always been popular. There are business networks opening every day, online, in person (when we return to normal) and blended across the two, but…..

• Which networks might be right for you?
• How can I assess them and make the right choices?
• Why are some networks more successful than others, or is it just bluff and bravado?
• What are the “tricks” to make me more comfortable and effective when networking?
• How can I make an impact in a room full of “strangers” or a Zoom call full of faces?
• How can I create an effective networking strategy for myself and my business?

So many people try networking once or twice and never return and just as many seem to join everything. Where is the middle ground and is this right for me?

This highly practical webinar is hosted by Nick Bramley, a former Business Network Owner and Chair of the Institute of Directors in North Yorkshire. Nick is also a highly effective, yet selective networker too. See both sides and if networking is for you, and learn how to make it work for you too – Online, On-Zoom or In-Room.

Nick is a returning YEP presenter and this webinar is one not be missed….

ZOOM DETAILS will be forwarded on 9th September only to those who are registered, please ensure when you join the webinar you login with the name you used at registration.



Login details will be sent the day before the event, only those registered will receive and be granted access to the Zoom Webinar.

  • Nick Bramley - In-Room or On-Zoom. Networking.
    Thursday, 10 September 2020
    17:00 - 18:15

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