by Vanessa Lancaster on Wednesday, 13 July 2022

YEP London – Breakfast Seminar: Place Based Solutions to Achieve Net Zero Targets


Presently, surface transport is the single biggest emitter of carbon in the UK, contributing to 25% of emissions. To be a climate neutral continent by 2050, transport must achieve a 90% reduction in transport related greenhouse emissions. This requires a significant change from the old hat traffic-focused ‘Predict and Provide’ approach that delivers new highways to enable development, to a ‘Vision and Validate’ masterplan-led approach that decides on a vision for the development and designs accordingly so that accessibility, not traffic, matters most. By doing this we prioritise a reduction in carbon and promote healthy living.

By changing our mindsets and behaviours not only to use sustainable modes of transport, but also to move from mobility to accessibility, we have the potential to make a huge difference to the environment and health, and there will be a fighting chance for the UK to achieve its legal obligation to bring greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

Although transport contributes the highest emissions, it’s important to recognise that transport isn’t a subject in its own right, but is instead a critical subset of masterplanning, and we need to consider the wider picture if we are to meet transport climate targets. Our panellists will take a look at how masterplanning can contribute to the solution and how many interventions such as active travel, demand responsive transport, micro-mobility, logistics, last mile travel and mobility hubs can help.

Panellists will also discuss the RTPI Net Zero Transport: Place Based Solutions study, which many were involved in, and explore the outcomes for different place typologies and the interventions required to achieve the necessary reduction in emissions.

The session will explore what infrastructure is needed in new developments to prioritise local living and virtual mobility to reduce impacts on the highway network as well as the trends they’ve witnessed, the barriers they’ve experienced and the solutions to overcome these.

For the first time in history, the policies exist, the evidence exists, and the global will exists to reimagine our streets and communities. The panel will discuss how we can embrace this and practice real-life approaches to transport and mobility that are bold and ambitious.

The Chair for the panel will be Mike Axon, Global Director of Transport at Vectos (part of SLR). He will be joined by an experienced panel including:

• Matthew Sampson, Regeneration Director, The Crown Estate
• Amy Burbidge, Head of Master Development and Design, Homes England
• David Milner, Deputy Director, Create Streets
• Kirsty Barker, Principal, LDA Design
• Paul Curtis, Director, Vectos (part of SLR)

Thanks to our sponsor, Vectos (part of SLR). SLR is a global environmental and advisory solutions business. Vectos and SLR share a vision to lead the way in mobility and infrastructure solutions and deliver a valuable and lasting contribution to society through the way people connect, move and interact. They have an international research arm to understand the social aspects of mobility and transport, and their future mobility work covers sustainability, climate change, social cohesion, virtual mobility, flexible streets, new technologies, smart economics and pandemic resilience. This helps inform sustainable masterplanning, as well as the overall narratives for their development planning clients in the UK.


Please note we have made a commitment to our members that no recruiters or product sales companies will attend our events and registrations will not be accepted. Should you no longer be able to attend the event once you have purchased a ticket, refunds and/or cancellations are not available; however, we will be more than happy to transfer your ticket to a colleague.



WeWork, Room 7H, 90 York Way, London, City of, N1 9AG, UK

  • YEP London Breakfast Seminar
    Tuesday, 9 August 2022
    08:30 - 10:00

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