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by Johnny Clayton on Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Earlier this year, we surveyed our members to understand how they came to be in property, what they love about their role and what we need to focus on going forward.

Here are the results:

How members came into the profession

Only about 40% chose a job in property, with a quarter getting into it by chance or by family connections. Very few were presented with it as an option by their teachers.

Why they chose it

The role itself was cited by 50% of respondents but other reasons included the wish to make a positive difference to society and contribute to a more sustainable future. Also, the opportunity to travel and the pay.

The big challenge

Encouraging more people into the industry is seen as a major issue. We asked our members, who represent the younger generation in our industry, how they think we should go about it.

Almost 40% said it needs to feature much more prominently at school, particularly during secondary education.

“One of the greatest barriers to access into the profession is visibility”

A quarter of respondents want wider public awareness about the profession, more promotion about how the real estate industry benefits society and the role of property in climate change mitigation.

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