James Rollason

Associate: PMP Consultants Ltd
YEP Birmingham

James is what you would call ‘a good ol’ fashioned QS’, with 15 years’ experience in the construction industry, operating in a Quantity Surveying, Contract Administrator and Employer’s Agent role across numerous sectors. As a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, James mainly works with the traditional QS competencies of: Cost Planning, Contract Practice, Procurement/Tendering, Financial Control/Reporting etc. James encourages the successful delivery of projects by ensuring that they are managed effectively and that a nature of inclusion is adopted.

James joined YEP because he is keen to give something back to people just starting in their careers, but also to ensure he continues to learn from others. He will be looking into Inclusion as part of his role with YEP Birmingham and will be considering how we can manage physical and emotional health in order to adopt a better outlook during our work life; feeling better and naturally improving our efficiency at this place called work, where we spend a third (or more!) of our life.

If you would like to get in touch with James to discuss event ideas, sponsoring an event or becoming a YEP Birmingham Partner, please get in touch here.