Running to end youth homelessness by Lisa Northcott, Senior Account Director at Holistic

by Johnny Clayton on Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Last year the government introduced one of the biggest changes to the rights of homeless people for 15 years. The Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA), which came into effect in April 2018, is designed to support vulnerable people in danger of homelessness and places a duty on public bodies to notify local housing authorities of anyone they believe to be at risk. Although it’s about prevention rather than cure, it is a laudable effort and encouraging to see the government committing itself to new ways of tackling homelessness.

It is a deep-rooted societal issue that we don’t talk about enough. Responses like “it’s not my problem” are familiar as we attempt to absolve ourselves of responsibility. It is shocking that for a humanitarian crisis of our own making we do so little to alleviate it.

Part of this is about changing the conversation – less blame, more support – and doing our bit to help the many commendable charities working hard to combat homelessness. Some of them benefit directly from the support of LandAid – a charitable trust that awards grants to charities that deliver life-changing projects for young people who are or have been homeless, and also the charity partner of YEP Global, which donates money to this worthy cause every year.

LandAid organises a number of fund-raising events each year and next week, at Regent’s Park on Tuesday 4 June, is the LandAid 10K. Over 1,000 property professionals are expected to run raising £120,000. Some of the Holistic team will be running including our MD and YEP Global board director Sophie Eastwood and senior account manager Natalie Cush. The rest of the Holistic team will be there cheering everyone on.

So why not consider joining us? There’s still time. Or, if you’re keen to donate to such an important and worthwhile cause, there is our JustGiving page too.

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