SIOR shares member and industry expert insights on climate impact in real estate

by Johnny Clayton on Tuesday, 2 November 2021

It’s time to change the way we think about climate change and its relationship to real estate.

By Paul Danks, President of the European Regional Chapter of SIOR

 Yes, we must mitigate the impact of the property sector, develop sustainably, improve the performance of buildings and take a whole life cycle view. But we must also showcase the societal and indeed commercial value of carbon neutral and climate positive investment, so we encourage this to become a key decision-making criteria in future property transactions and investments of all types.

 I am pleased to say that the members of SIOR Europe are doing this already. And our younger members, who are signing up for our Foundation or joining our mentoring programme, are calling for more too. They want to see social responsibility at the heart of our sector and climate change is a key priority for them, not least in safeguarding the future of our planet, for them and the next generation.

 In response to this, we have this week published a collection of the views and experiences of our members and other industry experts. Members’ Views and Insights shows how they are changing the narrative in the deal making process, bringing climate change and sustainability performance to the heart of the conversation, and demonstrating its social and commercial value at the same time.

 YEP Global represents the younger generation of our profession. We hope our guidance proves useful in your every day dealings and makes a contribution to the change you make now and as you go on your career journey.

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