The Birmingham BOOM?

By Dean Hockley of Carter Jonas and YEP Birmingham 

In recent years Birmingham has been placed in the spotlight with increasing attention from national and international investors. It is becoming more and more apparent that Birmingham is starting to become widely recognised as the 2nd city it has always desired to be; with it being seen as the most rapidly growing economic centre in Europe, the best connected area outside of London and also one of the youngest cities in Europe with over 35% of its population being 25 or under.

The recent interest and growth can be largely be contributed to the Government’s decision to increase investment and backing in the infrastructure around Birmingham, from its road links, rail network and also the provision of utilities. From Birmingham it is possible to access 90% of the UK within 4 hours. Whilst there is still a large amount of investment needed to get Birmingham to the place where its ambitions lie, the introduction of the West Midlands Combined Authority is proving to be a positive change which has been bolstered by Birmingham retaining its status as the most investable city in the UK.

With increasing numbers of young professionals choosing to remain in Birmingham for the ‘Birmingham lifestyle’ after University, it appears that London is no longer such a major draw for Birmingham students. This change in momentum has also been supported by the increased uptake of office space (and therefore career opportunities) by a large number of professional firms seeking to have a presence in the city, this movement has been further pegged by HSBC’s decision to move its National Headquarters to Birmingham. With High Speed 2, The Commonwealth Games, the Birmingham Resilience Project and (dare I say it) Channel 4’s big move in the pipeline there is definitely more to come from Birmingham; I think it is safe to say that people choosing to come to Birmingham in 2018, to experience the exciting opportunities it provides, will not be disappointed!

Last but by no means least, this wave of momentum has been recognised by YEP Global with its decision to come to Birmingham; I hope you all come and get involved with the YEP Birmingham, which will be launching later in 2018!

Should you have any questions about getting involved with the new YEP chapter in Birmingham, please send them through to

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you soon!