The UK is great because of the sum of its parts

Sophie Eastwood, YEP Global Director


As the UK braces for Brexit, the country finds itself speculating, trying to foresee what the impacts will be.  There’s caution in the air.  So how about a dose of positivity.

The country, via a referendum, chose to leave the EU and whether you agree or disagree with the outcome, we are leaving at a time when our cities are strong and many of them thriving.

It’s no longer about London as the capital and strongest centre of the UK, Manchester has firmly established itself as a central city and Birmingham is following suit, becoming an exciting hotbed of development and regeneration activity.

It’s no surprise then that as an organisation that represents young, ambitious professionals in the property sector, we’re spreading our wings further and further. In fact, in the last 2 years, we have launched chapters in Cambridge, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and Southampton, all of which are going from strength to strength. In February 2019 we launch YEP Bristol with more cities in the pipeline.

By representing the entrepreneurial spirit that the next generation of our industry possess, we hope to help make the connections that keep the UK and all its towns and cities thriving. The future is going to be driven by our members, so let’s embrace an attitude that focuses on solutions and betterment, not problems, and is brimming with enthusiasm.