Usb Port Not Working After Windows 10 Update

by fixeddevs on Wednesday, 8 June 2022

In the right pane, under the Download Region, select a region that’s near to your location. Once there,right-click on Steamand click onUninstall. After that, restart your device, and find theSteam .exe fileto install it again. Then, go to the bottom of the page, where you can seeClear Download Cache. Click on it, and this will clear the download cache memory.

  • Once you follow any of the above methods in the sequence of steps mentioned, then I assure you that you will no longer face the USB ports not working issue.
  • Now, check to see if disabling the USB Selective Suspend feature works.
  • Right-click on Windows icon and select Disk management and find if the USB drive shows up there.
  • You can verify it is the packet loss by leaving a ping run in the background and when the game has issues see if the ping also.

Pull off the plugs of the router, keep it unplugged for around half a minute, and plug back in. Now, see if the restart did fix high ping speed in online game or not. So, try to play the online game on the local server or the nearest server to your location to be able to get minimum ping speed. High RAM and Processor usage by other programs other than the game will, of course, leave less processor memory for the game, thus will increase latency. Also, internet bandwidth usage by other programs will also increase ping time while online gaming. Without going into the technical jargon, it forces the network to check every data packet transferred, i.e, increasing the connection accuracy. Although accuracy leads to better ping, but it may inversely affect the overall internet speed as more packets are needed to be scanned now.

Fix 6: Install The Latest Chipset Drivers For Your Motherboard

A good first step is to check the Attached Devices, as most routers include a page to show what’s connected. Power cycle the router or consider changing the Wi-Fi password. Any device (especially your neighbors’) can be a bandwidth drain. Say you have some cash to splurge, then the easiest solution is to upgrade your internet plan. If you plan to dedicate time to this game, it’s better to spend some money and save your health and nerves from delay and lag causing your losses.

Method 1 Adjust Power Management

In this article, we take a look at solutions to overcome USB devices not working problem and recover data from USB devices. This may explain why your USB device doesn’t work. To fix this, click on the Scan for hardware changes button on the toolbar. This will commence a check of all connected hardware and in most cases will detect the USB port and anything connected to it.

Microsoft is constantly improving Windows 10 with new updates, and if you want to fix this problem, we advise you to use Windows Update and download the latest updates. After turning off this option, click Apply and OK to save changes.

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