YEP Global

YEP was ‘born’ in 2002.  Set up by a group of young, inspirational property and construction professionals in London, looking to develop a unique forum for fellow rising stars of the industry to network, learn and share ideas.

So here we are, 20 years on and there’s over 4300 members, ranging from property managers to developers, architects and engineers to contractors, lawyers and surveyors, and project managers to interior designers – in fact there’s no discipline across the industry that’s not represented somewhere in our membership.

All industry professionals are welcome to join YEP, it’s the diversity of our membership that makes for such an interesting and inspiring group.

To see photos from some of our past events click here.

YEP Committees

Each YEP Chapter is operated by a committee. The committees are responsible for the day to day operations of the Chapters, including YEP Events, YEP Blog and Newsletter, YEP Events Sponsors and YEP Social Media. For more information on YEP Chapters, including contact details for the key committee members please click here.