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CUBE competition reducing energy by 15%

By Sophie Eastwood, Director of YEP and MD of Holistic and Holistic Insight

Over a year ago, YEP Global became an early supporter and endorser of the CUBE competition, the UK’s first competition designed to drive down energy use in commercial buildings. It kicked off in March and, through occupier and landlord collaboration, along with gamification, it is changing behaviours to save energy.

YEP Global


YEP Global has been supporting young people in the property and construction industry for over two decades. Our global membership exceeds 4,300; and we have chapters in 10 locations in the UK.

We exist to represent and support entrepreneurs rising stars and future leaders in our industry. With members from over 1,500 firms, we represent its breadth, from development, investment and professional consultancy to construction and architecture. The diversity of our membership speaks for itself, representing a near  50/50 gender balance. Our chapters are managed by entrepreneurial, dedicated professionals, and we have ambitious plans to ensure we have a presence in key regions, as well as branching out overseas.

We devote our time to ensuring we serve our members, giving them the best opportunities to build and strengthen relationships, learn new skills and share ideas in a fun and friendly environment.

Are you enthusiastic and passionate about the industry? Do you want your views and voice to be heard? Do you want to help shape the future of the industry?

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We host a wide variety of events, from networking to seminars, site tours to drinks events, sporting events to our annual dinners. We also jointly host events with organisations, such as BPF Futures. In 2018, YEP Global held 32 events for 2,500 delegates. In 2019, we held over 34 UK events across 10 locations and in 2020/21 we continue to run our events as webinars so check out our events page

There are several ways in which you can engage with YEP: 

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  • Our Members Say

    • 'An enjoyable evening with three high profile speakers who delivered an alternative perspective on sustainability and its importance in property portfolios followed by a reception with a group of people who were genuinely interested in networking.'

      - Tom Callaway, Project Manager, AECOM

      'Most interesting. A well organised & inspiring evening. Thanks!'

      - Rebecca Sarshar, 3D Reid

    • 'Fantastic, informative evening exploring the challenges for sustainability in the construction and property industry. The speakers spoke passionately about their individual experiences. They provided some helpful tips on engagement with the community via social media and how to improve the efficiency of workplaces by a focus on well being which I will be looking to implement in my own business. The usual friendly crowd making networking that little bit easier!'

      - Julia Wyatt, Partner, Green Tea Architects llp

    • 'The YEP sustainability event on October 24th provided a terrific opportunity to network with progressive companies from all sectors of the construction industry. I also received great insights from the other speakers on the importance of marrying environmental sustainability, social media and employee well-being in construction and fit-out projects. I have already followed-up with contacts made there on a number of issues that will improve the effectiveness of my organisation well into the future.'

      - Patrick Laine, Director of Corporate Partnerships, WWF

    • 'The thing that really grabbed me about YEP was the diverse range of delegates. Talking sustainability at networking events can occasionally be a bit repetitive, but it seemed with YEP that everybody was there for a reason, everyone had something interesting to say. If you want an opportunity to meet the people at the cutting edge of sustainability and innovation in the built environment I suggest you attend the next event.'

      - Ed Dixon, Property Plan A Project Manager, Marks and Spencer

    • 'Good event and thanks for hosting. I'll sign up for the networking event on the 28th of March!'

      - Graham Cuttes, Hogan Lovells

      'Well done for last night, really interesting discussion and a good turnout of new contacts too.'

      - Ross Porter, Jackson Rowe

    • 'A quick note to thank Gensler for hosting the YEP event last night, which I thought was excellent and one of the best networking events I've been to in some time…'

      - James Corbett, Lewis Silkin

      'I really enjoyed the event and the topic, and points raised were very interesting. I would definitely like to attend more of these events and hope to see you again at one soon.'

      - Andrew Bentley, Darnton EGS

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