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Championing a competition reducing energy

October 2022: Over a year ago, YEP Global became an early supporter and endorser of the CUBE competition, the UK’s first competition designed to drive down energy use in commercial buildings. It kicked off in March and, through occupier and landlord collaboration, along with gamification, it is changing behaviours to save energy. We took a look six months in.

Already established in France for six years, the competition has been a huge success saving anywhere between 15% and 55% in energy for participants including BNP Paribas and Orange.

In just six months, the UK competition is already showing similar promise with an average of 15% savings. In a time of energy crisis and escalating costs there are benefits beyond carbon emission reductions – it couldn’t be more relevant.

Participants this year include LandSec with three buildings in London, Stanhope with four buildings including White City Place MediaWorks, Savills with the Leadenhall Building, The Howard de Walden Estate with its head office, XLB Property with three buildings in Manchester and RO with two properties in Southampton and Watford.

The genius is that it’s the buildings not the companies that compete. They are benchmarked against their own baseline so it’s all about improvement. This also means any building can compete, no matter how well it’s performing - new, existing, listed, city centre or regional, UK-wide.

The organisers of the competition, sustainability consultancy Ampersand Partners, have taken this on as an impact project and it’s working! They now need a dedicated programme manager to continue to implement CUBE so it can have the greatest possible impact. They have put this outline on LinkedIn for anyone interested in working on this year’s competition and preparing for the next.

YEP Director and MD of Holistic and Holistic Insight, Sophie Eastwood, says: "With my Holistic hat on I am delighted to say that we were given the opportunity to work with CUBE and it has been a career highlight for me. We have supported CUBE since it decided to launch in the UK. We’ve publicised it in titles such as EG, told our network about it and gathered endorsements from the likes of Shirley Rodrigues, Deputy Mayor of London as well Climate Champion Nigel Topping and the President of the European Chapter of SIOR Europe.

We want to get excitement building for the results of year one and the start of year two. It’s almost COP27 and we expect to hear that the world hasn’t achieved what was needed yet. So we at YEP want to spread the word about this great initiative and get more and more buildings to enter so together we can make a big impact.

If you are or indeed know a landlord, occupier or managing agent, CUBE needs you! Get in touch here.

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